Over the years there has been a lot of talk about which type of automation system is best.  There is no doubt that the decisions you make now will have lasting implications.  The two most popular platforms today are LonWorks® and BACnet®.  Many of our customers have faced deciding on which protocol to choose. We have compiled the information below to assist in this decision. Johnston Services, Inc. is vendor independent and can work with any platform. 

Single tool to access any vendors equipment No single tool to view all protocols
Ability to view and configure devices Functions limited by protocol selection
Network diagnostic tools Few diagnostic tools available
Single protocol Multiple protocols
Independent Distributors with multiple vendors No independent product distribution
Many companies produce independent devices Few companies produce independent devices
If you would like to research the differences between LonWorks® and BACnet® in more detail, Strata Resources, Inc., an independent market research firm, has a full report titled "Investigating Open Systems". A summary of their findings can be found here.
Johnston Services, Inc. has worked on many different systems. We have integrated proprietary fire alarm systems, refrigeration equipment, chillers, and countless HVAC systems. Visit our projects page to see more of what we have done. If you would like to discuss your system in detail please contact us. If you are considering a new system consisting of a LonWorks® and BACnet® hybrid, make sure you are not adding another proprietary layer.
Selecting a system - LonWorks® vs. BACnet®